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Social media strategy and education that empowers entrepreneurs with the strategies and technical skills to work their social media in a way that *actually* works.

Fun fact: I was named one of Canada’s Top 10 Social Media, Communications Instructors in 2022!

Simplify the social media landscape.

…and finally see the ripple effects of your efforts. Get personalized training and strategy that breaks down the complexities of social media strategy and storytelling, and gives you the tools to get results that matter.

Guaranteed: NO cookie-cutter solutions here – but there might/will be a few laughs along the way.

Social Media Coaching


Pro tips, Pro tools.

Straight from my iPhone screen/Bookmarks Bar to you; get all the trusted (and often-recommended) time-saving apps, platforms and programs I use—daily—to plan, create, manage, and share content across my social media channels.


Social Media Training Coaching Deanna Wampler

Born of curiosity, fuelled by community.

Get to know the story that started my pursuit of expertise in social media. Plus, take a peek behind the scenes into how connection and community is truly at the heart of essentially everything I do.


Your social-media-savvy future awaits.

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