Hi! I’m Deanna Wampler. Most people call me dw.

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Hello! I’m Deanna and I’m glad you’re here. People who know me will tell you that beyond being a dynamic and passionate mom, I am a champion of community and a social media expert. I thrive most when given the opportunity to help others. I love designing digital social media campaigns that propel businesses, brands, organizations, and entrepreneurs toward their goals. Together we define clear strategies and execute solid, successful social media campaigns. These campaigns optimize many social media platforms, inclusive of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more. The sky, or should I say web, is your limit…

Because I am dedicated to the success of the entrepreneurs and organizations I support, I limit the number of clients I take on for full monthly social media management. That said, I offer lots of one on one training and am committed to providing instructive, educational workshops to anyone wanting to enhance their social media game. I give you the skills to control your own social media identity and take ownership of its success on an on going basis giving you the skills to create and control your own social media strategies. Read more about what i offer here.

I’m an early adopter of pretty much anything techy. Remember the Internat chats of the mid 90’s IRC and MIRC? Windows 3.1? Dial-up modems? Social media is something I’ve been passionate about for the better part of a decade. It’s a fun way of connecting with those that matter most, and it’s something everyone can do… but do it expertly?

Well, that’s something I can help you with.  Let’s chat.


  1. I tend to talk really fast;
  2. In addition to some diplomas, I have received my Bachelors of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management from Royal Roads University, Victoria, BC;
  3. I’m insatiably curious and could spend all day talking to people I don’t even know;
  4. I dream of going back into figure skating and competing at the adult level;
  5. I come from a family of entrepreneurs;
  6. I’m obsessed with the ocean, it was literally my backyard growing up in Prince Rupert;
  7. I have two adorable kids, two dogs and a cat who thinks he’s a dog;
  8. My favourite word is di·chot·o·my, noun – a division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different. (That is how I see myself – and this website! You’ll get tons of social media advice sprinkled in with bits of my life.)



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